The Perfect Black

Six people reveal their own interpretation of the perfect black and their search for it.

Eike Günther is an astrophysicist specialising in the discovery of Earth-like planets - he can define the perfect black, but he can never find it. After all, the echo of the Big Bang is everywhere.
"It's the moment when people drop their masks." Shortly after Gerhard Wiesbeck finishes this sentence, he colours his counterpart black with a tattoo needle.
In the depths of our oceans, where no light falls, there is life. And marine biologists like Antje Boetius are researching it. The black depths are their home.
Some synaesthetes can associate colours with sounds. Katja Krüger has this ability and as a musician she can make the perfect black audible.
Dorothea Stockmar is an artist and trained grief counsellor. She says that the perfect black is much more important than life or death, because it gives everything contour.
Dieter Kirchner searched for years until he found black in an obsidian stone. From it, he developed a printing formula that allows our eyes to see images in their reality.

What is the perfect black? Perhaps the answer is that there is none.

75 min
Jürgen Kleinig
Director of Photography
Michael Throne
Thomas Chapman
Funded by
Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung
Sächsische Landesmedienanstalt
Production Company
Neue Celluloid Fabrik
Perschya Chehrazi
Kay Dombrowsky


2019 Hofer Filmtage - Wettbewerb
2020 CPH:DOX Kopenhagen
2022 Festival des deutschen Dokumentarfilms
2022 Let's Dok Hamburg