Mañana Sol Premiere at Dok.fest Munich

"Pavlovic tells a deeply touching, personal story. Rarely is it possible to look so deeply into the difficult situation of people - and of course the filmmaker succeeds because he is so close to both of them. They open up to him, they tell him about their problems, their worries, their mistakes, their fears - because he is their son. You suffer with them, you empathise, you follow the slow pace of the film, which draws the audience in. Again and again there are images of silence, long takes. What makes the film so intense is the question that every viewer will probably ask themselves: Am I satisfied with what I have done in life so far? What do I still want to do, how do I want to realise myself? What are the most serious mistakes I have made in my life? What have I missed out on? Have I spent enough time with the people who are important to me? Have I gone down wrong paths that have taken me in the wrong direction? "Mañana Sol" tears open these wounds in its two protagonists, but it is actually also the viewer who is meant, which is what makes the film so painful."

Jürgen Bürgin, A Visual Zine